Universal Periodic Review: New UPR Modalities for the Second Cycle

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On 17 June 2011, the Human Rights Council(HRC)coompleted the review of its work and functioning by adopting decision A/HRC/DEC/17/119 on the Follow up to HRC Resolution A/HRC/RES/16/21 with regard to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). Resolution 16/21, adopted on 25 Mrch 2011, containted the new modalities for the functioning of the HRC but had left some issues pending in relation to the UPR. This document presents the changes that the HRC Review brought to the UPR modalities for the second cycle: length of next cycle; number of sessions per cycle; number of states per session; duration of the review; order of review; focus of the next cycles; beginning of the second cycle; timetable for each Working Group session; list of speakers; general guidelines; responses to recommendations; mid-term reports; role of national human rights institutions; and role of NGOs.

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