Study on the impact of the world drug problem on the enjoyment of human rights

  • Author: UN High Commissioner for Human Rights


On the request of UN Human Rights Council, the Commissioner submitted its study in September 2015 in preparation for the UN General Assembly Special Session on the World Drug Problem in April 2016. The 16-page document reviews the human rights situation in drug control and provides recommendations. The following topics are covered: - Legal framework of the UN international drug control regime and interrelation with human rights - Right to health: access to treatment, harm reduction, health care in prisons, obstacles to achieving the right to health, access to essential medicines; - Rights related to criminal justice: Prohibition of arbitrary arrest and detention, Prohibition of torture and other forms of ill-treatment, Right to life, Right to a fair trial, Human rights violations in compulsory detention centres - Prohibition of discrimination: Ethnic minorities, Women - Rights of the Child - Rights of indigenous peoples

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