Adapting lessons for different learners

  • Author: Felisa Tibbitts and Ellie Keen


Lessons and texts are constantly being modified and adapted for use in different settings. A Romanian civics textbook for the secondary school level might inform work on a human rights textbook in Armenia. Law-related education materials developed for use with youth might be adapted for use in refugee centers. Good materials get passed on in conferences, in suitcases, in magazines and, these days, over the Internet. They travel across countries, across language groups, and across target audiences. Adapting them in ways that will allow you to reach new kinds of learners, and achieve the goals that you have in mind, requires considerable skill, sensitivity and knowledge of the learner’s environment. In order to assist you in this process, we have compiled the following lists of questions. We invite you to add to this list, based on your own experience.

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